Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's resolution

上個月在Genova舉行的Christmas Puja,因為場地的限制,每天得不停搬竇,找地方攤抖,令在下深深體會到做露宿者居無定所的滋味(但起碼我們有暖氣,且不用擔心一日三餐)。在不斷吃和瞓之間,在下亦不忙抽空introspect一下自己這一年來為霎哈嘉做了多少工作,結果得出來的結論是自己做得一點都不夠,有點對不起母親,愧為霎哈嘉瑜伽士。我想,假如現在是last judgement的話,我一定不會得救,因為自知比起母親口中所講的Sahaja Yogi實在太離行離“辣”了。為了下次去puja時不再感到太undeserving,2011年一定要為自己的靈性升進和傳揚霎哈嘉方面好好用功。

在新一期Divine Cool Breeze內刊載了母親以下一段話,想在此與各位分享:

One has to develop a kind of a humility that “I have to still receive, I have to still get it, it has to work out.”
Now when it comes to that kind of an attitude, then you turn around. Turn around upon yourself.
What have you done for Sahaja Yoga?
One simple question: what have you done for Sahaja Yoga?
To how many people have you given Realization?
How many people have you been able to cure?
How much peace have you got within yourself?
How blissful are you?
How much compassion have you got?
How much forgiveness and patience do you have for others?
How much of sharing can you do?
These are the signs of Sahaja Yogis, that you break your shell.
You become collective.
How much do you understand others?
And how much do you understand giving to others?
What have you given to others, even on a material level?


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