Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Golden Age

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Repeat x4)

Mother Kundalini awaken
Give us self realization
The Golden Age has just begun
Children, come dive into the ocean of liberation
Bathe in our Mother’s love
We all have become one (CHORUS)

O Goddess of mercy and love
You’ve opened the gate to the Heaven above
Save us from illusions and darkness and fears
All our troubles disappear
For lifetimes we’ve searched all around
Now the joy and peace in our hearts we have found
We shall spread Your light and compassion and pure love to everyone

Mother, Your smile relieves our sorrows,
All worries of tomorrow
Your love in our hearts grows and grows
Mother, Your light removes the shadows
Wherever we go
You’re with us high and low
With love our spirits glow (CHORUS)

Seekers, come on this spiritual journey
And follow Shri Mataji
She is the Adi Shakti
Humbly, we surrender in bhakti
As Sahaj Yogis
Before Her Lotus Feet
She makes our lives complete (CHORUS)

Brothers and sisters of all nations
Gather in celebration
Of moksha and salvation
Warm hearts are drenched with cool vibrations
Dance in elation
On Shri Ganesha’s land
The blessings never end (CHORUS)

The Golden Age has come…
We all shall live as one…
In Your eternal love
By EB (May 2007)

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